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2014 Jaguar XJ


Jaguar XJ

Service Date
Services Performed
  • European/Corvette Engine Oil & Filter Service
  • AIR CLEANER ELEMENT – Remove & Replace – Set
Sharon L. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/17/2023
2014 Jaguar XJ 2023-01-18T23:00:45+00:00

2006 Jaguar XJ8


Jaguar XJ8

Service Date
Services Performed
  • There is a misfire in cylinders 6 & 8. However, an internal transmission failure is also present. We recommend looking into transmission repair prior to going further with misfire diagnostics {customer contacted Automatic Transmission Experts who recommended repair of misfire prior to transmission repair} – Codes in system include: P0401 { EGR flow insufficient}, P0128 {thermostat below regulating temp} RECOMMEND THERMOSTAT – recommended previous visit as well, and P0327 Z{knock sensor 1 circuit low input – bank 1} – Lifted vehicle and found transmission level correct. Transmission is slipping which is an internal failure. Recommend taking to a transmission specialist for further diag and repair. – The part that fell off under bumper is a TPMS sensor antenna which will not cause running issues. – {DIAG CONT.} – Based on further diagnostic we are recommending a new thermostat, EGR valve and knock sensor to correct misfire/running issues. The knock sensor has been chewed off harness. Vehicle runs better when shorted knock sensor is disconnected. –
  • THERMOSTAT HOUSING – Remove & Replace – Normally Aspirated
  • KNOCK SENSOR – Remove & Replace – Normally Aspirated Both – [Includes: R&I Intake Manifold.]
  • EGR VALVE – Remove & Replace – Normally Aspirated
  • – Swapped coil #1 with #5 and misfire followed. Replaced with new coil and left in #5. After many miles of test driving car misfires again in cylinder #1. Replaced spark plug and moved new coil to cylinder #1. Misfire moved to cylinder #5 telling tech another coil failed. Replaced second coil and test drove again without further drive ability concerns at that time. –
  • {Conjunction} SPARK PLUG – Remove & Replace – One
Daniel C. gave our service a 5 star review on 2/27/2022
2006 Jaguar XJ8 2022-02-28T23:00:47+00:00

2007 Jaguar X-Type


Jaguar X-Type

Service Date
Services Performed
  • POWER SEAT MOTOR – Remove & Replace – Height Motor – [DOES NOT include R&I Seat.] – includes seat remove & Install
  • Rebuild Seat Motor with Metal Gear
  • Shipping & Handling
Sheila D. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/9/2020
2007 Jaguar X-Type 2020-10-10T22:04:47+00:00