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Independently owned and operated since 1995, Breton’s Automotive Repair and Speed Shop is conveniently located in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We use the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to evaluate and maintain your vehicle. We service and repair all makes and models, both foreign and domestic.  We have all the specialty tools and equipment to service and repair European cars.  We are also authorized to perform manufacturers’ maintenance and extended warranty service.

We are a full service auto repair shop located just east of Scottsdale, in beautiful Fountain Hills, ready to help you with everything from rebuilding your engine to replacing your wiper blades. Breton’s is your auto repair shop of choice for your Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes, and all domestic vehicles. If you live anywhere in Scottsdale or the greater Phoenix area Breton’s is your shop of choice for all of your family’s automotive needs. All repairs are covered by a warranty.

Our Shop

Your satisfaction is what our philosophy is all about, that’s why we only use the highest quality tools from Snap-On and other leading suppliers, as well as brand name accessories and parts when repairing your vehicle.

We commit ourselves to each and every job at a personal level in order to gain your trust, and respect while we repair your vehicle to its full potential. Each and every stage in the repair process is explained, and if you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff is always there to answer you professionally and courteously.

Michael Breton

Michael has been in the automotive repair business for over 30 years. Starting out as a technician Michael worked for a number of local dealerships to gain as much knowledge and training as possible before venturing out to start his own independent business. Michael grew up knowing that he would eventually work for himself. Although the dealership offered a good jumping off point, it was limited in creativity and room to grow and advance one’s skills. Michael took full advantage of all the learning opportunities available to him and eventually attained all of his ASE certifications.

As time went on Michael started a family and knew it was time to make his move toward owning his own business. Michael’s first move toward working on his own was as a mobile technician. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trials and tribulations to performing auto repair out of a van. This was the move that gave Michael the nudge that he needed to find his own brick and mortar shop. A bit of time went by, and Michael found his long-time location in Scottsdale. Through some great business planning Michael was able to secure himself the building in Scottsdale and soon Breton’s Speed Shop was born, the year was 1995.

The early days were filled with hot rods, restoration projects and a bit of general maintenance. It was a lot of hard work for a young man with a new family, but Michael is a dedicated and hard worker, for him failure is not an option. Much of the time Michael’s first-born child, Logan was here with him overseeing the daily operations at dad’s new business, but we’ll get into that a bit later. Michael worked a lot of long hours but he was living his dream as an independent small business owner.

As the years went by Michael continued to advance his skills and knowledge. Not only did he enjoy building and restoring classics and hot rods, but the industry started to lend itself to the European market. Breton’s Speed Shop started to transition away from solely servicing the specialty market and moved into a more well-rounded full-service automotive repair. Breton’s Speed Shop did not go away, but Breton’s Automotive Repair was born. The repair side services a large customer base of European car owners from Mercedes-Benz to Volkswagen, and domestic vehicles as well.

Michael is an uncommon find in today’s automotive field. Most frequently you will find technicians who are only comfortable in a certain line of cars, a certain area of repair, or just a narrow scope in general. Michael is exceptionally skilled in all areas of automotive repair and service. He is just as comfortable rebuilding the engine in a Ford as he would be fixing electrical nightmares in a BMW. It is very rare that an automotive problem presents itself that Michael is unwilling to tackle. He has earned a reputation in the valley as a tech that is willing take on the problems no one else can solve. No day is ever the same here at Breton’s Automotive Repair & Speed Shop. One day Michael may be rebuilding an exotic car from the ground up and the next he may be changing a high-pressure fuel pump on a heavy-duty diesel truck.

As our business has grown and changed Michael’s focus has landed on our classic and resto-mod customers.  Michael is your go-to for old-school tuning, Vintage Air installations, Dakota Digital upgrades, and any other service or repairs for your classic car or truck.  Michael will work with you and your budget to make your classic everything you want it to be.

What can you take away from this? Michael Breton is a man who loves his job, loves cars, and will share with you his enthusiasm for both. Michael wants all of his customers to feel like family and not be intimidated by the auto service and repair experience. Breton’s Auto has succeeded for so long because of the care and commitment that our owner has put into it. We intend to continue that with the younger generation of Bretons and continue to provide excellent service for years to come.

As of October 2017, Breton’s Automotive Repair & Speed Shop relocated to beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona. Our Foutain Hills location is bigger and better, allowing us more space to suit the needs of our wide ranging customer base.

Carole Breton

Carole is the voice and face you will likely first encounter when calling or visiting Breton’s Automotive in Fountain Hills. Carole is our service advisor, bookkeeper, and marketing aficionado. She wears many hats throughout an average day and does it well. Carole has a wonderful ability to communicate on the same level as the average consumer, rather than speaking on a technical level most of us don’t understand.

Carole grew up around cars and racing. Although she wishes a little more of the technical side had rubbed off, she still loves cars and going fast. Carole is the only child of a father who is not only a mechanic by trade, but a lifelong racer in one facet or another. Carole spent many days and nights at Firebird, Manzanita, and PIR either watching Dad race or following national events. From her earliest days, she can remember riding in the passenger seat with her own little helmet on, as Dad wound his way through slalom courses in his Corvair. If you want to get Carole’s adrenaline pumping, put her in a fast-moving vehicle, or better yet on a roller coaster.

Carole’s educational background is in the area of early childhood education. She has been a classroom teacher and worked her way through college as an optician. Her time and training in both the medical and educational fields leads her to be very kind and patient. Carole left her previous career to come to work in the family business and uses her education and training to better your auto repair experience. Carole is well acquainted with explaining very technical needs in a simplistic way. If Carole cannot understand what the technicians need to do to your car, she takes the time to have them explain it in a way she can follow, thus allowing her to relay the information to you. Carole thinks it is important for her to be able to relay your automotive repair and service needs in a way you can understand. Auto repair has gotten a bad rap, mostly because it is so technical that many of us feel anxiety due to the fact that we don’t understand what we are being told that we need. At Breton’s, Carole and the guys work as a team to explain what needs to be done, why, and how, and we will even show you the problem if you are interested in seeing for yourself.

Carole knows you have many choices when it comes to caring for your car or truck and wants to thank you for trusting Breton’s with all of your automotive needs.

Logan Breton

Logan is Michael’s oldest son and an important member of the Breton’s team. Logan has been in automotive technician training pretty much since birth. As a baby Logan would ride along with his dad in a backpack carrier and watch his dad work on cars. As time went by, Logan worked along with his dad during breaks from school and projects at home. Logan grew up in a great generation because he not only has the computer and technical skills to work on all of today’s highly computerized cars, but he also has the life long experience of working on old school classics which he got to see growing up here at Breton’s Automotive. Logan is an old soul when it comes to auto repair; he has knowledge and experience beyond his chronological years.

When Logan graduated high school in 2014, he made the decision to join us full time in the family business. Logan is a natural; apparently, he soaked up a lot more than we bargained for during all those years hanging out with his dad in the garage. Logan attained his ASE Certifications and is actively engaged in ongoing training courses to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in automotive technology. As the years have gone by Logan has tackled increasingly difficult diagnostics, often finding solutions to problems other technicians have failed to solve.

In 2023, Logan became a first-time father.  Now with a beautiful little boy of his own, he continues to hone his craft and extend his knowledge base and training. Logan’s focus has become our customer’s daily drivers.  While Michael handles the classics and resto-mods, Logan is your go-to for everything from general maintenance to major repairs on your everyday car or truck. Logan has extensive experience with European, domestic, and Asian vehicles. 

In Logan’s personal time, he really enjoys off-road adventures. He has a lot of experience with off-road vehicles and dirt bikes. While we don’t service motorcycles or dirt bikes, he may be able to offer suggestions to improve your off-road vehicle for better performance and durability. 

We are very proud to be a completely family-owned and operated business. It is wonderful to have Logan here with us every day. It has been an amazing experience to watch Logan grow into the skilled and confident technician that he is today. We hope that when the time comes, he will be willing and ready to inherit the family business and continue it for many years to come. If we are lucky enough, maybe just maybe, Logan will do so with his own son working alongside him in a lasting family tradition.